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          Lover of the natural materials and in particular the fabrics, I managed to use the linen painting and the painting of mattress as the support of my paintings.

          My pleasure of creation begins with the preparation and the canvas covering of the raw cloth on whom I let the painting merge, while letting show through the weft. The motive has to make integral party of the fiber. The cloth stays in the service of the subject.

            It is the simplicity which I look for through my compositions, I wish a pictorial balance which goes to the main part frankly, nor dishonest compromises.

          The presented works are approached in a representational way with always my subjects of preference : the still life, Africa as well as the universe of the childhood.

          At present I expose to the hostelry of The abbey in La Celle (Var) France.

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Fait par Jacques HERVE, le 13/03/2009
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